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About us

Kania, Sedlák, Smola Ltd.
- patent and trademark attorneys in Brno

Our patent and trademark agency was fouded in 1991 and since 1993 we are seated in the area of Augustinian cloister in Brno, Mendel's square. For our clients we prepare, represent and enforce all kinds of intellectual property: Patents, Utility models, Designs and Trademarks. We can secure all operations connected to IP as searches, expert opinions, analyses, cooperation with patent lawyers in Czech Republic and all over the world.


In December 2022 replica of the glasshouse where J. G. Mendel carried out his experiments in the field of genetics was erected in the original place in the garden of the cloister.

Our services:

For our clients we prepare, represent, enforce and litigate all kinds of intellectual property: patents, utility models, designs, trademarks in Czech Republic and all over the world.

Qualification of our patent attorneys cover all technical fields.

  • Preparation and filing of applications

    patents, trademarks, designs, utility models

  • Representation in proceedings before

    Czech Intellectual Property Office in Prague, European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, International Office for Intellectual Property (WIPO) in Geneva.

  • Maintaining of rigths

    Annuity and renewal watching database for patents, european patents validations,utility models, designs and trademarks, payment of annuities and renewals

  • Searches

    Patent novelty searches and trademark similarity searches

  • Consultations

    In the field of Intellectual Property, strategy of protection, copyright

  • Translations

    Of technical texts from and into English, German, French, Slovak

  • Individual lectures concerning intellectual property (in companies)

  • Expert opinions

    We have at disposal Experts appointed by the Court for forwarding expert opinions in case of infringement of rights connected to Intellectual Property, finantial evaluation of intellectual property etc.

Our services


Patents are issued on inventions, which are new worldwide, are results of inventive step, industrially applicable and are of technical character. Possible validity term of patents is 20 years since filing date. Inventions can be protected through Czech national patents, foreign national patents,  European patents or European Unitary Patents. As an intermediate stage International PCT patent application can be filed to postpone the final date for decision in which countries national applications should be filed.



Trademark can be national, international or  EU trademarks valid in all EU member states. Trademarks can be represented as  words, logo, figures, shapes of the product, packaging, sound or combinations thereof. It is necessary to claim specific fields of activity and products which should be protected for – so called product or service classification. The protection can be asked also for typical geographical products. Trademarks can be renewed each 10 years since filig date with no time limit.


European patent application

Proceedings about european applation takes place before European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich untill grant of the patent. This can be subsequently validated in member states. New possibility is Unitary Patent valid for most of EU member states. In such case no validations in those member states are necessary.


Industrial Design

Designs can be registered as national, international or as EU designs valid in all EU member states. Design represents outlook of a product or part of it, consisting in shape lines, colours or decoration of a product. Industrial designs can be renewed each 5 years since filig date for total time period of  25 years.

Industrial designs

Utility model

Utility models are registered for technical solutions which are new and involve inventive step and which are industrially applicable. Can be filed even if the applicant has published the results in the last 6 months before filing of application. Possible validity term of utility models is 10 years since filing date.

Utility models

Further services

  • Preparing requests for grants  – SME Fund
  • Analysis of industrial property - IP Scan
  • Patent/Trademark Searches
  • Litigation consulting
  • Assignment of patents, trademarks, designs
  • Expert opinions
  • Value estimation of industrial property
  • Preparing of licence agreements
  • Enforcement of rights by infrigement
  • Copyright consultation